We are Karone

Karone provides top-quality professional consulting services to small businesses and entrepreneurs to help overcome their main challenges. Our head office is in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Numerous strategies are being put in place for the direct valuation of the practices of Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Small and medium-sized businesses do not always have the time and resources to keep pace with commercial, technological, financial and legal innovation. Karone allows them to survive the competition, avoid losses and perfom better.

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Our Main Features

As you may have noticed, Karone isn't like a typical consulting firm. Procurement, supply chain and logistic services shouldn't be a drain on your organization's resources. One way we do this is simplifying and optimizing as much as possible to achieve maximum benefits for our clients. Life is busy and complicated enough, right? No one wants their procurement to be one more complicated thing to worry about. Your procurement should work as hard as you do, and you shouldn’t have to work hard to make that happen. It’s why we make it simple to agree to terms, and acquire goods, services, or works from an external source.


We build procurement organization model consistent with company’s overall strategy, global organization, and culture.

Spend Analysis

We collect and analyze spend data with a goal of improving efficiencies.


We have cost-effective strategy taking into consideration several elements and factors.

Contract Management

We automate, streamline and simplifies contract management process.

Other Services

Business Analysis

We identify and articulate the need for change in how organizations work, and to facilitate that change.

Business Consulting

We provide professional and expert advice in particular area such as procurement, management, logistics supply chain management etc.

Business Insurance

There are several ways that our experts can protect your business from losses where you are legally liable.


We collect your needs and your selection criteria. On these bases, we will offer you a strategy to recruit the best candidates available to you in Canada or internationally.

Audit & Evaluation

We provide a robust oversight mechanism that covers internal audit, evaluation, investigation and other management support to strengthen the functioning of your organization.

Profit efficiency

Our Experts will look at the overall efficiency, such that if a company is efficient in terms of its profits, it will also be efficient in terms of its costs and its scale of production.